Thanks for checking out my blog!  I’m Dori…usually I go by MamaParms in the social network world.  I’m the mom of two highly energetic boys; one recently diagnosed with Epilepsy with Myclonic-Astatic Seizures (Doose Syndrome)  This blog is all about the balance of giving kids what they want “fun stimulation” while ensuring they are safe, healthy and know how to function in the world.

To prepare myself for that daily challenge; I have read dozens of parenting books, as well as countless blogs and articles.  During my daily 2 hour commute, I listen to books on tape.   I have attended parenting groups for both children from birth and I am active in our community wherein I speak with other parents.  While pregnant with my second son, I proudly worked for a company whose focus was early parenting education.  In short; since the moment I learned that I was going to become a mother, I have immersed myself in the role.  Either through my children themselves, my spouse or one of the resources above, I learn new things every day.

When I’m not focused on my role as “MOM”  to the Parm family, I’m an HR professional and run my own consulting business with a small handful of clients.  Yet to be established is a link here to my snazzy company website advertising my services. However, I am a bona fide nerd about career planning, recruitment and health/welfare benefits.

A few other things about me…

  1. I follow the rules.   Seriously.  The tags are still on all my pillows.
  2. I’m always late  – this was true before I had kids so I cannot blame them.
  3. I’m a worrier – its entirely possible that I missed my calling as a risk evaluator.
  4. I’m empathetic – if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I’m your girl.  I may even cry with you because I’m also a sympathetic cryer.
  5. I’m a good friend – I try really hard to stay in touch, be supportive and remember people’s birthdays, etc.  I’m not always successful.  But, I try very hard.  Friends are important to me  — this includes family friends.
  6. I like lists and bullets.