Brave King James

Our first Epilepsy walk in honor of our Brave King James #DooseWarrior is in the books!

April 14th was unforgettable. We walked beside our family members who have carried us through this journey and among groups of families and supporters who have faced similar challenges and hopes.

To do this in the city where I spent my childhood weekends, alongside my forever best friend and sister, who has been an absolute rock of support over the last 18 months brought things full circle.

I am so thankful to everyone who made donations to support our team. We are so humbled by your generosity. The Brave King James team was the number 10 fundraising team among hundreds of teams who participated in the national walk. Almost $7000 was raised towards Epilepsy research by our team. This gives us so much hope for the future of our Brave King James and many others who are now part of our Epilepsy community.

Many people have asked me recently how Lil J is doing. A post is coming soon with an update; we just finished several rounds of updated testing.

For today, I just want to THANK the 164 individuals/families who donated to our team and the Epilepsy Foundation. Thank you for continuing to support our family as we navigate through these waters and for simply recognizing Epilepsy as a health issue.

Before Lil J’s diagnosis, I viewed Epilepsy as a problem that a small, unknown population of people were afflicted with.

I was very naive. 1 in 26 Americans will develop Epilepsy in their lifetime. The rate of epilepsy diagnoses is growing faster and faster and there is nothing (not drugs, devices or procedures) that is guaranteed to stop seizures. We simply do not have a cure. We need to research and understand the brain more thoroughly.

Until a cure IS found… we have hope. And we have the support of our friends, our family and our community. And so truly… we thank you. From the bottom of our hearts.


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