Parents are warriors.   I’m not sure I was fully aware of this until I became a parent myself and began to observe others relative to my own capabilities.  

And then there is the aspect of loving your children, which brings out the warrior in all parents.  Because as we all (should have) learned from the movie Love Actually there is nothing worse than the total agony of being in love with another person.  ❤️

When we arrived at the Royal Victoria Infirmary and began our 6 day stint,  I began thinking about the Warrior Mama’s that I know.   Each time a doctor walked into our room to give us an update , I braced myself and thought “they got through this, I can do this.”   Every night that it was my turn to sleep  in the hospital room with Lil J and I jumped up upon hearing him twitch, cough or seize, I thought of those warriors.   

Those days felt very long.  Home felt so far away.  The doctors were caring and intelligent.   Our friends brought Lil J  toys and treats.  My father in law arrived to take Deebs back to the US – away from the chaos and back to “normal.” 

Lil J cried and like the warrior he is, was brave and battled the doctors & us hard when he needed to. He went through all of the prescribed tests.  Two EEG’s, an MRI,  a Lumbar puncture and several blood tests.  Each day brought something new – a purpose.  A discussion about why and what and most importantly… how and when would we get home.

On our 4th day in the hospital, I reached out to someone who had been on my mind.  A Super Warrior. The Poop Mom, perhaps formerly.   This was my text to her:  “I just went to 3 grocery stores in northern England to find green grapes because it is all James will eat and the hospital only has purple grapes. I don’t know how you did this for a year.”

Our conversation was helpful and steered me in the right direction that day.   I am so very thankful for the warrior parents out there. I am so thankful to know so many of them, especially my husband.   Surviving through each day.  Each hour.   Each Minute.  

I am also thankful for green grapes.  They kept my Lil J happy during his entire hospital stay and into our return to the USA.   

At the RVI watching the taxi rank from his bedroom window.

5 thoughts on “Warriors

  1. Green grapes rule! Parent warriors save the day and rule the universe. In this photo James, so solemn and so prescient, he seems to look out onto the world as if he owns it! And, of course, he does! Powered by, what else, green grapes! And his two warrior parents! Not forgetting his super hero brother! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, extended family – an army of warriors all fighting for James!

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  2. Thanks for answering that question 🙂 Green grapes! Crash only eats purple ones and Bang won’t eat either color. Parents are warriors. Advocates for our children. We learned this valuable lesson during open heart surgery on our 5 day baby.

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